Performance of a Multiplex Serological Helicobacter pylori Assay on a Novel Microfluidic Assay Platform.

published by Proteomes, an Open Access Proteomics Journal from MDPI. Co-author: Joseph She, Science & Technology Director at MyCartis.

Zwijnaarde, Belgium, October 10, 2017.

“During assay development, the incubation times for the samples and the detection antibody were optimized in order to keep them as short as possible, without a loss of sensitivity. The microfluidic system allows a short assay protocol, with a 35’ assay incubation time in total. This is less than one third of the assay time needed in other commercially available immunoblot systems. Besides a high technical assay precision, very good results were achieved for specificity and sensitivity of the selected antigens.” stated the authors in their publication on the performance of a Multiplex Serological Helicobacter pylori Assay run on MyCartis’ Evalution® diagnostic platform.

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