The Evalution platform is composed of 3 major components:

  • Barcoded microparticles
    • Particles with different codes can have different biomolecules attached (antibodies, nucleic acid probes, antigens, other molecules), allowing multiple assay types and formats
    • Thousands of different codes available
  • Microfluidic assay cartridges
    • Multiple microparticle families can be loaded in 1 to 16 microfluidic channels of an assay cartridge, allowing the creation of a multiplex assay environment
    • Microfluidics allow improved binding kinetics and therefore fast assays
    • Random access: 1 to 16 multiplex assays can be run simultanously
  • Evalution instrument
    • Once loaded into the Evalution instrument, all assay steps (sample application, incubations, washes, detection) are run in the instrument, allowing full workflow integration
    • All assays are run in a fully controlled environment and are therefore very robust





A broad range of technological features combined in one platform

Evalution™ combines in one platform multiple technological features.


  • Multiplex
    • A multiplex level of 150 analytes per channel can be reached
  • Multipurpose
    • Different biomolecules can be coupled to the microparticles: antibodies, antigens, nucleic acid probes, carbohydrates…
    • Only one fluorophore needed to detect all targets
  • Visualization
    • Immediate and live visual control at microparticle level
    • Optimal assay development tool
  • High performing
    • A fully controlled assay environment result in state-of-the-art assay specifications
    • No user-induced variation
  • Flexible
    • The 16 channels in the assay cartridge are individually controlled
    • One channel can be run on day 1, the next 5 on day 2…
    • No sample batching needed
  • Fast
    • The microfluidic environment induces a reaction-limited kinetic regime, excluding all diffusion effects
    • Short incubation times and no or limited need for wash steps result in fast assays and short turnaround times
  • Kinetics
    • Reactions can be assessed at end-point
    • Binding reactions can also be followed in real time, allowing even shorter time-to-result
  • Temperature control
    • Temperatures are independently controlled (25-95C) in three different cartridge zones: the input wells, the fluid transition zone and the detection zone

Assays with unique features

Thanks to its unique technological features, Evalution allows the development of fast and robust assays



  • Multiple applications
    • Multiplex assay formats: Get “syndromic” information of a patient
    • Multiple sample types: all liquified matrices (blood, CSF, stool, tissue…)
  • Fast
    • Short sample turnaround time, i.e. fast access to results
  • Robust solutions
    • High-end analytical specifications (sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, dynamic range…)
    • Kinetic next to end-point measurements
  • Easy workflows
    • Once an assay cartridge is loaded, all assay steps occur on-board of the instrument without further manual plate handling


Watch the Evalution™ workflow

Click here to watch the video of a typical workflow to execute a multiplexed sandwich immunoassay from a set of encoded microparticles. The reporting molecules are flushed together with the sample for a single-injection, wash-free protocol with real-time visualization of binding reactions. More traditional protocols with sequential steps of incubation, wash, and end-point readout are also possible.


Found some features that could benefit your application?

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