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  • Drug development solutions

    For pharma customers we co-develop your companion Diagnostic Assay

  • Service Lab partnering

    To provide your customers with novel solutions in Assay development

  • Integrated solutions

    Integrate our DMAT® technology as reader inside your own IVD platform

  • Porting novel biomarkers on the platform

    We partner with biomarker discovery companies and port their panels on our Evalution® platform

Partner quotes

"The unique combination of multiplexing, sensitivity and flexibility turns the Evalution platform into an indispensable tool for the life science R&D market"

Dr.Ir. Karen Leirs
Postdoctoral Researcher
KU Leuven Biosensors group

"Thanks to the characteristics of the microflow, creations of novel or specialized immunoassays are just as easy as running conventional ones. Together with the flexibility of the particles, Evalution offers a solution not met elsewhere."

Maja Neiman, Ph.D.
Head of Autoimmunity Profiling Facility
Affinity Proteomics, SciLifeLab, Stockholm
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

Clinical domains which are relevant for MyCartis’ technology

Assays in development

Adverse events in immuno-oncology

When evolving from research to clinical application of immune-oncology therapy, real-time follow-up of patients is of essence. Adverse events need to be detected, managed and followed up as early and effective as possible in order to optimize the therapeutic effect. MyCartis develops a real-time patient and therapy monitoring assay to follow up on Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS).

Donor organ assessment for more efficient transplantation

Better and more effective management and selection of fit-for-purpose donor organs is key and requires fast assessment. MyCartis builds a real-time inflammation assay to objectively assess and select organs for successful transplantation.

DMAT® Technology

Dynamic Multi-Analyte Technology (DMAT®) offers simultaneous end-point and real-time measurement of multiple biomarkers with minimum assay variability. It supports a variety of assay formats, such as sandwich assays for measuring biomarkers and (in)direct assays for quantifying specific antibodies in samples.

Evalution® is an integrated system based on three elements: the instrument, the disposable: cartridge with micro-particles inside and the software containing advanced analysis algorithms. No additional equipment is required.

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Cartridge with encoded microparticles

Software and data analysis algorithms

Evalution® Platform Configurations

MyCartis’ proprietary platform Evalution® is powered by DMAT®. It brings all the DMAT® benefits and features, such as ultra-fast real-time assays and minimal assay variability. Evalution® comes in 3 different configurations, each designed to provide a unique solution to life science R&D, clinical research and routine clinical diagnostics respectively.

Evalution® Research & Development

Evalution® Automation

Evalution® Clinical Diagnostics