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The latest developments in personalising healthcare. This is what’s happening in the world of MyCartis.

BIO INternational

MyCartis at BIO International Convention

MyCartis will be present at the Bio International Convention, 15-18 June 2015 in Philadelpia, USA. You can find us at the Flemish booth that will be located in the BIO Exhibition hall, booth 1413.

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Exhibitions schedule 2015

MyCartis will be present at the following exhibitions. (click on the link for more information)

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the MyCartis

About MyCartis
Biomarker analysis
designed to make
healthcare personal

At MyCartis we believe that every individual has the right to good health. But we know that the current healthcare model of ‘one size fits all’ is insufficient and unsustainable. To continue to be effective, healthcare needs a radical change in the way it sees health and disease. That radical change is the personalization of healthcare. Something that requires a fundamentally new way of looking at things, a healthcare revolution.

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MyCartis technologies: accelerate innovation in biomarker analysis

MyCartis constantly develops technologies that push healthcare towards the next level of personalization. Not by ourselves, but by being part of a bigger network where we share ideas, knowledge and expertise. This allows us to accelerate innovation.

> Evalution™

MyCartis applications: improve bioassays

MyCartis is committed to provide disruptive solutions in the fields of clinical and translational research for its customers and partners. By making biomarker assays simpler and faster, healthcare is already becoming more personalised.

> Biomarkers

Evalution™ - the multiplexed analysis of biomarkers made fast and simple

Accelerate your research, trust your results
Evalution™ is MyCartis’ multiplex analysis platform tailored to the development of clinical biomarkers. It has been designed to analyze a broad range of protein and nucleic- acid based biomarkers to delivers high quality data and rapid results from minimal handling steps with unprecedented ease. Evalution™ integrates into a single instrument all the functions of incubation, washing, and optical readout for seamless operation of sophisticated assay protocols. The combination of customizable encoded microparticles with microfluidic assay plates in Evalution™ enables the combined analysis of protein and nucleic-acid biomarkers simultaneously. The platform Evalution is intended for research use only – Not for diagnostic procedure

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MyCartis biomarker innovations

Protocols have been developed that enable a large variety of applications for the detection of proteins and nucleic acids such as sandwich immunoassays, (auto) antibody assays, genotyping, mutation analysis, m(i)RNA profiling. Novel proprietary biomarkers are in a late stage of protein biomarker pipeline and dedicated panels are in development for their validation. In parallel MyCartis is also developing research kits for a number of disease areas as part of it’s product pipeline.

> Biomarker innovations
> Solutions

Our partners in the healthcare revolution

Changing healthcare is not something we do on our own. MyCartis strongly believes in co-creation. By sharing ideas, knowledge, and expertise with our selected partners we realise our joint ambition of improving healthcare for future generations. Right now we are looking for new partners to accelerate the personalisation of healthcare.

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